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Borneo Packages

Borneo is the third largest Island in the world and is covered in thick rainforest that hides many of its secrets. If you love adventures, you can trek through its jungle or climb its highest Peak, the Mount Kinabalu. Explore the deep secret and discover the famous Orang Utan, or the see the biggest flower in the world. The Raflesia. Borneo is also known for its beautiful island & beaches getaway. Interested in visiting Borneo? Take a look at our packages to see if it fits your budget & taste. Borneo consist of Sabah & Sarawak and is home of some of the most beautiful caves ( Mulu Caves ), Mountain & beaches & marine life in Malaysia.

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  • Mount Kinabalu (Southeast Asia's Highest Peak) Climbing, Hiking & Trekking Tour (Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia Tour Packages) (3 Days / 2 Nights)

    Travel Package Code: MB0302 ( Mountain Climbing & Hiking )

    from RM 1790 or USD 0

    Mount KK Climb Tour - Driving 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu, you will reach the Kinabalu Park. At the foot of Mount Kinabalu, you will feast your eyes with a truly breathtaking scene of Mount Kinabalu as you stroll around this cool, clean and refreshing beauty.  Assemble at Timpohan Gate and commence your trekking, hiking & climbing excursion to the mountain. Mt Kinabalu is 13,500 feet above sea level and home to South East Asia's highest peak. While making a steady climb, enjoy the beautiful flora fauna before finally ascend to Laban Rata base camp. From Laban Rata you will finally reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Shajasa provides Mount Kinabalu Climbing, Hiking & Trekking packages with accommodation, guides, transfer and insurances.

  • Sarawak Santubong River Cruise (Dolphins, Prosboscis Monkeys, Fireflies) Malaysia Borneo Tour Packages (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S67 ( Nature & Ecology )

    from RM 350 or USD 0

    This tour takes you around the rivers of the Santubong Peninsular, offering you the chance of seeing some of Sarawak’s fascinating wildlife. The cruise starts at the Sarawak Boat Club. From there your boat cruises to the mouth of the Santubong River, where Irrawaddy Dolphins are often spotted. Your boat then cruises around the mangrove swamps in search of the rare proboscis monkeys. Small groups are often seen in the treetops at the waters edge. During night fall, we proceed further to search for fireflies and crocodiles. Crocodiles are often seen on the mud banks. After searching for crocodiles your boat proceeds further up river where fireflies gather at night. Watch the fireflies move around the branches of the mangroves, momentarily lighting up the night sky.

  • Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse Tour, Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo Tour Packages) (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S56 ( Culture & Heritage )

    from RM 195 or USD 0

    Bidayuh, the second largest ethnic group in Sarawak. Bidayuh is formerly known as the “Land Dayak - Engineer of Bamboo”. Upon arrival, you will enjoy the splendid architecture of the longhouse, which were built mostly by bamboo. Annah Rais is one of the most famous Bidayuh longhouse. It is located about 100 km east of Kuching, which is also very close to the Indonesian border. The journey will take about 1.5 hours. During your visit, you will also enjoy day-to-day village activities such as rice pounding, winnowing, basket and mat weaving and bamboo carving. Also, don’t miss the most unique and important structure, the ‘Baruk’ or the head house, which is situated in the middle of the longhouse. Inside the ‘Baruk’, check out the real human skulls which are seen hanging around the fire place!

  • Sandakan Sepilok Orang Utan & Rainforest Discovery Centre with Canopy Walk (1 Borneo) Malaysia Tour Packages (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S48 ( Nature & Ecology )

    from RM 420 or USD 0

    Meet the wild man of Borneo at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre located in a tropical lowland forest 40 minutes drive from Sandakan town. Upon arrival, proceed to the feeding platform and observe at close range orphaned Orang Utan being rehabilitated under a successful conservation program. Be amazed by the gentleness and intelligence of this man-like primate. Visit the Nature Education Centre to learn more about the Orang Utan and its environment.

  • Niah National Rainforest Park, Niah Caves, Miri, Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo Tour Packages) (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S96 ( Nature & Ecology )

    from RM 280 or USD 0

    Meet at hotel lobby at 0800 am or Miri Airport and depart for Niah National Park (Two and a half hour ride). Upon arrival Park headquarters, register and have a brief study of the park information at the information centre. Then, take a short boat to cross the river to visit Niah Museum. After visit museum proceed on plank walk for 3 km to the caves main entrance. To walk to the cave take about 45 minutes. The Niah Cave is famous for its edible birds nest found high-up in the cave about 300 feet from the ground. In the Painted Cave you are about to see the prehistoric wall drawing as well as the preserved remains of the STONE AGE PEOPLE 40,000 year old. Return journey on the same plank walk to Niah National Park for lunch. After tours, transfer to back to hotel or Miri airport for flight departure.

  • Sandakan Sepilok Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkeys & Kinabatangan River Cruise, Borneo (1A Malaysia Tour Packages) (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S66 ( Nature & Ecology )

    from RM 770 or USD 0

    Drive for approximately 30 minutes and upon arrival, you may witness the habitats and feeding of Orang Utan at the free roaming platform. Next,enjoy a 1 hour boat cruise up to the Lower Kinabatangan River Sanctuary. Indeed, this is a wonderful journey of wildlife discovery such as orang utan, proboscis monkey and many more. The cruise will start from the waters of Sulu Sea of Sandakan Town passing through magnificent scenery of the mangrove. Next, you will take your lunch at Abai Jungle Restaurant.

  • Mount Kinabalu 2D1N Express Climbing, Hiking, Trekking (Southeast Asia's Highest Peak) Sabah Malaysia Borneo Packages (2 Days / 1 Night)

    Travel Package Code: MB0208 ( Mountain Climbing & Hiking )

    from RM 1490 or USD 0

    Driving 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu, you will come upon the Kinabalu Park. Here, at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, you will feast your eyes with a truly breathtaking scene of Mount Kinabalu as you stroll around this cool, clean and refreshing beauty. Mix with exotic flora fauna and wonderful trails, it is here in this park that you will begin your trip trekking the Mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu (13,500 feet above sea level) is home to South East Asia's highest peak. Here you will make a steady climb, passing beautiful flora fauna before finally ascending to Laban Rata base camp. From Laban Rata you will finally reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

    Shajasa provides Mount Kinabalu Climbing packages with accommodation, guides, transfer, insurance and fun!

  • Discover Scuba Diving at TARP, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (KK, Sabah) Malaysia Borneo Tour Packages (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S54 ( Diving & Snorkelling )

    from RM 480 or USD 0

    Does Gliding along weightless seeing fish and other marine life excites you? Then Scuba Diving is for you! This package gives you a little taste of the fascinating and thrilling world of Scuba Diving. Furthermore, it  will be conducted in ( TARP ) which is 15-20 minutes speedboat away from Kota Kinabalu, where many coral reefs and diverse sea creatures  lie in shallow waters.

  • Padas Adventure White Water Rafting (Sabah, Borneo) Malaysia Tour Packages (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S51 ( Adventure & Sport )

    from RM 365 or USD 0

    Enjoy an early morning drive to Beaufort train station, then a one-hour railcar or train ride along the only railway line to your rafting starting point (Pangi Station). After a briefing on the use of rafting equipment, raft down the raging Padas river (Grade 3 - 4).  You will be equipped with safety helmets and life vests for the excitement of shooting through challenging rapids with breathtaking view along the riverbank. Occasionally plunge into the river for a pleasing swim and get ready for the next exhilarating rapid.  This outing is great fun for thrill-seekers and experienced rafters.

  • Kuching Traditional Iban Longhouse Safari Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo Tour Packages) (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S55 ( Nature & Ecology )

    from RM 650 or USD 0

    Journey through countryside and  enjoy a boat ride upstream  to the Iban Longhouse. Bedazzled by the their culture and way of life.

    Lunch will be provided at “Lachau” – better known as  “cowboy” town to the Indonesian natives living across the Kalimantan border. Upon arrival at the riverbank, you will get to experience a longboat ride which takes you upstream. At the longhouses, you might chance upon wild boars and you may mingle with the Ibans, sharing with you their daily activities and their communal style of living. “Tuak”, a locally brewed rice wine is also served during the welcome dance performed by the Iban maidens and warriors. You will get to watch “cock fighting’ and blowpipes demonstrations before returning home.

  • Leisure Diving at TARP, Mamutik Island (Sabah, Borneo) Malaysia Tour Packages (Day Trip)

    Travel Package Code: S53 ( Diving & Snorkelling )

    from RM 490 or USD 0

    Mamutik Island is about 15-20 minutes speedboat away from Kota Kinabalu. This island is characterized by shallow waters, sumptuous coral gardens and all boast splendid white sandy beaches. The reefs lie in shallow waters with little current making an ideal location for novice divers. Furthermore, the diverse and rare marine creatures make it an interesting diving location for experienced diver. Scorpion Fish, Blue spotted Rays, Cuttlefish, Mantis Shrimps and Sea Turtles can be found in this area. At some location, rare creature such as Harlequin Ghost Pipefish and Frogfish can be found with the help of the Divemaster.

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